Random Vegas June 2016

June 28, 2016

I used to live in Las Vegas, but I left in October 2000 for the humidity of Austin, Texas.  For me this trip was about reconnecting with my past, being re-inspired, and shaking me out of the funk I’ve been in lately.

This was the first flight I’ve taken in ten years, and it wasn’t that bad. I flew out early and came back late. After getting my rental (Dollar Rental kicked ass, super friendly and helpful) I promptly left the rental facility and got lost. I was unconcerned due to the grid of Vegas, so I drove around and ended up at my first destination.

Yes, Jack, the fast food joint formerly known as Jack in the Box where I proceeded to have onion rings and one of the basic tacos.  I miss those cheap tacos,  I love them.  For all my love of the grander cuisine, tacos… *sigh* The onion rings are tasty there too.

Fortified with a nice iced tea, I meandered around and eventually figured out I went in the wrong direction, so I turned around and headed to my hotel. It was still way too early to check, so I met up with my friend Mitch, a very interesting and outspoken fellow.  We chilled and I watched him gamble until the front desk gal took pity on me and let me check in at 11:30.  If you are nice, front desk folks are awesome.

Very clean, VERY.  We were on the no smoking floor, but some folks were smoking down the hall. If you actively see that a person is smoking in a non smoking area tell the hotel staff immediately, don’t wait. I was lucky to get a room at the other end of casino.  Opposite side even. Noise level was minimal.  I did get turned around in the hotel part, but a very helpful guest room attendant walked with me to the corridor of my room, well out of her way. Thank you, Antoinette.

Andrea flew in later, we had room service for dinner. I forgot how cheap it is. BUT delicious.

Wednesday we explored.

That Lion statue is 85 million tons of brass making it the largest/heaviest statue in the country.

We found this…

I have been to Pinburgh in Pittsburgh, and the now defunct National Pinball Museum in D.C., and this was nice. They have tags on the machines indicating how rare they are.  This is one of only three ever made.

There is a pressed penny machine there, too. I really need to start taking pictures of those. This was the only place I broke a $20. I don’t gamble. I have, but it holds no attraction for me.

You knew this was going to happen.  Pearl has scolded me for years about not getting a picture of her at the Las Vegas sign. The parking lot is new, and makes it much easier and safer to visit the sign.  Bonus: Elvis to the left, singing even.

I am fairly happy with my phone camera, I did not want to bring the big camera.

I had tickets to see the filming of the American Ninja Warrior finals. Chaos. They film at night so it all looks great, bright. Between the smoke machines, windy conditions, the super-dusty Vegas atmosphere and with all the cheering, I think I dropped an octave in my voice the next day. We joked about what might be in those dust particulates..

The view from my seat. We had the warped wall view, Pearl was happy.

I yelled hello to Akbar, he replied and asked me if I hurt my foot on the warped wall. I replied I broke it on the floating steps. He exclaimed he broke his there too. Laughs all around.  The families near me looked at me like… “Wow, you know Akbar!” Fun times.  We had to sign releases and I am sitting with the #ninjachemist family.. a sea of blue shirts and me in black. We left about 3 am.

Friday we drove around, I wanted to see various parts of town I lived in and see off strip life,  I like doing that.  We went down Sunset heading towards Henderson and all the way back to Tropicana to Jones on the west side. We did find a Del Taco.  I like Del Taco, their hot sauces are so much better than Taco Bell’s. I had my favorite, the spicy jack quesadilla…I always order it well done, it’s worth the extra time.  I chatted with the cashier and other workers, thankfully my limited Spanish kicked in and we joked about nonsensical things. Andrea grabbed a bag of various hot sauces and along with tee shirts and other various goodies, I mailed them to Dave .  Leaving Town.

I enjoyed my flights. June 18th is Southwest Airlines’ birthday, and you get a free drink if you know about it. Always check airline information for little finds like that.