Chow, Las Vegas 6/16

June 23, 2016

Chow is the sister restaurant to East, which I talked about yesterday. The food is a blend of Southern American and Chinese cuisines, which is an odd but appealing combination.

I slacked off and took a picture of the host station from my seat. Behind that podium is a table holding chopsticks, flatware and menus, and dangling underneath was a Chinese dragon puppet. And floating above us…

I loved the decor and atmosphere.

The Chow sign was a little bit to my left.  The menu comes on a clipboard. Our lovely waitress let me keep mine. (The menu, that is. Clipboards cost money.)

I started off my meal with the riblets, garnished with scallion and a grilled lime. First off. Grilled lime is amazing. You barely squeeze the lime to and all the luscious juices come pouring out. I’ll have to try making them at home. The riblets are small baby back ribs, perfectly prepared and dressed in a succulent sweet and savory glaze. Think soy sauce mixed with hosin and 5 spice flavors. These were the best ribs I’ve had in years. Years.

For my entree I had Chow’s Chicken: Southern fried chicken topped with a sambal mixture. I swapped out mini corn muffins for the rice, and had Chinese broccoli for the vegetables.

Andrea ordered the salad with tofu, which was delicious except for the wasabi covered almonds. Waitrons, if we tell you we don’t like spicy food, wasabi definitely counts.

Real banana nilla puddin. I haven’t had this in years, not since I moved away from Texas. Creamy pudding with real banana flavor and banana slices in the middle with nilla wafers. If you’ve never had this, I feel sorry for you. It’s one of the great American desserts. Slightly sweet, fruity and crunchy. Simple and perfect.

I cant stop thinking about that chicken. It was the ideal of Southern fried chicken, lightly breaded and fried to perfection. It makes me think of my mother’s cooking it. Yeah, she’s from Rhode Island, but she loves to try new dishes. Luckily she’s blessed with a discerning palate and really knows how to cook. This is the first Southern fried chicken dish that’s been better than hers, and I know she’d love it too. (Though the sambal mix is probably a shade hotter than she’d like, she would try it.)

Across the street from Chow, llamas! We saw them out walking but missed the photo opportunity due to shock. I never even knew there were llamas in Vegas, let alone in the downtown area.

Chow closes at 8 pm, no reservations needed. Please go and awaken your taste buds.