Eat, Las Vegas 6/16

June 22, 2016

I’ve been a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain ever since i first laid my eyes on Kitchen Confidential. On one of the episodes of his CNN show he took a trip to Las Vegas, and when I took a trip there last week with my gal Andrea I used that episode as guide (Though I had to have some junk food at Jack in-the-Box and Del Taco) One of the places he stopped by was a restaurant called Eat.

When you walk in to Eat the first thing you’ll notice is how dark it seems. It’s actually well-lit, but not excessively so, which keeps it cool in the arid heat of Vegas. Then you get hit by the smells – fresh squeezed orange juice, sweet and acidic and a little pulpy, the savory undertones of onions, and other more heavenly savory smells.

The menu is simple. I started with the deviled eggs.The egg white is breaded and deep fried, and the yolk is the creamy heaven. The red sauce on top is sriracha and bacon. Andrea didn’t want any bacon on hers, so it was on the side for two of them, but when she saw the sriracha I enjoyed all four eggs and a ramekin of bacon bits. Win. Because these were great.

Andrea’s salad, lightly dressed and very nice. She also wanted house chips, which were tasty, with salt and pepper but just a light dusting of seasoning.

I ordered the roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese instead of blue cheese. (having had some great and bad blue cheeses I am super picky about eating blue cheese.) The ciabatta was more like a soft mini-hoagie roll, but overall it was pleasing. Large enough for two, we ended up giving half of the sandwich away to the gentleman who told us about parking in downtown Vegas,

Our waitron, also Andrea, was very obliging and posed with Pearl.

There is plenty of parking near the restaurant and it’s only a few blocks off of Las Vegas Boulevard downtown.  Plus, if you’ve got a handicapped placard or license you get 4 hours of free parking in Vegas. Nifty. This was an auspicious start to my vacation.  The quality of Eat led us to our dinner choice, their sister restaurant, Chow.