G & G Noodle Bar

June 20, 2016

On February 14 we went to a revamped restaurant – the former Grit and Grace, now “G&G Noodle Bar.” We had been there previously for a lovely brunch, and this dinner exceeded expectations.

They had a number of interesting drinks: cocktails,wines, beers, local cider, even a home brewed ginger soda. The flavor was intense but lovely.  I had the “So Wrong, it’s Right”  (Sauza blanco, creme de casis, Cynar, lime and dry cider).

They offered 5 different types of dum sum.  I picked the tuna which was presented in a rose design.  It was tasty and lovely to look at, though I think they should have concentrated on intensifying the flavors more. Other choices included a pork belly slider and kimchi.

The G&G roll was made with spicy tuna, kimchi and torched hamachi, dressed with a nice soy-based sauce.

Pork belly bun, Chinese mustard, pickled cucumber and fennel salad.  This dish was saved by the mustard and the pickles, and would have been bland without them. It was hot (but not crazy hot) and the pork belly was very flavorful.

Short ribs  on a cream cheese biscuit with a sesame hollandaise. I wish had been shredded, and the biscuit was too crumbly and soft. A firmer biscuit would have provided more structure for such a hefty cut.

A lump crab and ahi tuna poke, served with avocado, celery root, sesame and ponzu. This was easily my favorite appetizer. Well-balanced and delicious, though I think they used canned crab. Not that I minded. Yum!

For our entrees we ordered the Dandan noodles, which were amazing. Spicy ground pork, pickled mustard greens, sprouts, garlic, all topped by a soft poached egg. I could eat this all day.  I am not 100% that the noodles were traditional, but they were perfectly cooked and flavorful. The pickled greens added the same sort of bright flavor that a lime adds to pad thai.  The poached egg added an overall richness to the finish.

There were three choices for dessert. We tried the butternut squash cheesecake with a ginger cookie crumble, and the chocolate mousse with a toasted coconut caramel and a chocolate macaroon crumble. Both were amazing, full of complex flavors with out being too crazy. I’d have licked the plates if I thought I could get away with it…

This was my second dining experience here and I was very pleased with the service. If you have low light vision problems you might want to bring a flashlight. It wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear your companions.

To know me is to know my love of a good cocktail….

Whatever this was, it was sublime: fruity, but not too sweet, with just enough of the hard stuff to keep me smiling all evening. And it was served in a Tiki glass! That’s a win.