Doce, Pittsburgh

June 26, 2015

This is a new place on Carson Street in Pittsburgh. It has been open a few weeks now and I am quite taken by it.  They are on Facebook too.  See here

The menu is nice, simple and scrumptious. The only taco I have not tried is the veggie one. I love LOVE the carnitas. the best I have had east of Texas.

The decor is nice. Good vibe.

It is also very small in there, a squeeze if you will.

The Chef, why do we always pose with our knives?  We went on the weekend and met another brother. So jealous of the bright chef coat he had on.

Not that it is needed but you have a choice of hot sauces, you can also ask for it extra hot and he will add some jalapenos to your taco.

More Day-core!

This was the chicken taco. I love the flavor and his tortillas remind me of my childhood in southern California and getting fresh made tortillas from the abuelitas. They have a cooler filled with soda and other beverages. They also give you a punch type card to fill out for if you buy x amount you get one.. Bar none this is my favorite taco place and it so competes with Smoke for my favorite tacos ever. The migas at Smoke is my ultimate love, but the carnitas with the shredded pork that is highly flavorful with the lovely succulent fat drippings in the meat.. Damn, I need to go there now where are my keys!?