NYC: The Preview

June 2, 2015

One of my long-time goals has been to visit Le Bernardin in NYC. It’s finally going to happen on June 13. My hubby will be there, as well as his cousin R and my best friend A.

Why this place? Well, I like Anthony Bourdain and he and Eric Ripert, the chef of Le Bernardin, are good friends. Plus, I really like seafood prepared by someone who cares about presented it in the best way to showcase its flavor.

Looking at the menus, I still have no idea whether I would prefer to try the tasting menu or the regular menu.  There are many items I’ve had before, but many I haven’t tried yet.

Since A is a vegetarian, I checked Yelp reviews to verify that they can make a vegetarian meal for her. (They can).

I am delighted by the prospect of the wine choices. But I’m no wino and I wonder if the cousin R will suggest a different bottle from what is suggested.

It will be fun to have three of my favorite people in the world sharing a meal at a restaurant I have been wanting to visit for years.  A fitting reward for getting my life back after my stroke.

I also watched Eric RIpert’s tv show on Hulu.  It’s a nice exploration of the food world that is all around us.  Chef Ripert is very charming and easy to watch.

This weekend is a homemade pizza (made entirely from scratch!) for a dinner with my in-laws on Saturday.