Bob’s Diner

April 27, 2015

Saturday Dave and I had a bunch of errands to run. I wanted to try Bakn, unfortunately it is not open yet so we knew Bob’s was a block or so away and had not been there yet so we cruised the nifty little town of Carnegie.

Now I love a good diner, broken-in vinyl seats, friendly staff. The glorious smells of coffee and quasi burnt toast with bacon mixed in. We settled into our booth and The smells transported me back to growing up and when we moved we drove across country we also stopped in many a diner. It also smelled like the first job I had out of culinary school, a now closed large resort in the Pocono’s. Being the first in the kitchen, turning everything on, getting the bacon cooked, the water on for eggs (poached and boiled) cooking the potatoes and sausage. Sitting in that booth took me back.

We had coffee, crazy I know. I like the menu, simple breakfast stuff. They serve lunch and we are going to go back for lunch sometime for I saw they have chili cheese fries and sweet potato fries.. Dave wondered if they would do the chili cheese on them. For breakfast I had My Dad’s Favorite which consisted of two eggs any style (I got basted) with 1 piece of bacon, 1 sausage link, some home fries, toast and a pancake. I asked and was given a piece of their French toast instead.

The french toast was on another plate.It was Mancini’s bread, a local bakery used by many places here in Pittsburgh and is a local staple.

Dave had the corned beef with eggs. He chose poached, and he picked rye toast, I have to say, it tasted great.

The poached eggs were perfection and I must say my basted eggs were too. What are basted eggs you are thinking? Well, you start to make an over egg but do not flip. At the point you flip put a little water in the pan and cover it with a top to let it steam. I hate crispy bits on fried eggs they taste rubbery. Basted eggs do not unless the cook is new to egg cookery.
So in the end we will go back there or to the newer one closer to us for there are a few locations in town.