Smoke, Pittsburgh

April 24, 2015

Dave and I discovered Smoke about two weeks or so after it opened.  I am a huge fan of smoked meats and well, Dave would eat tacos for every meal if he could talk me into that.

 Smoke is now in a new location, go check it out. These photos are from when they were in Hometead.

My favorite taco is the Migas.

Breakfast tacos.

Egg and potato base, with (l (left to right) chorizo, pork and cheese, and breakfast sausage. So yummy.

As Dave would say, So damn delicious.

What I love is the depth of flavor Jeff, the chef. Infuses in his food. His mac and cheese, well I think I need to go get some soon, like this weekend. I have not been ther since they moved due to the stroke blah blah blah, but Oh man, Nelda and her Horchata, a cinnamon rice beverage and her Agua Frescas are divine.

Nelda and Jeff. One of the best imports to Pittsburgh in years!