Big Mac Museum, Irwin PA

April 15, 2015

I used to live in Irwin.  A small little town off of route 30 and the PA turnpike.  I liked living there for it was near my folks, lots of good grocery stores, shopping in general, the folks are nice and it was an easy hop on the turnpike or drive down rt 30 to get downtown for work.  There are also a bunch of farms in the area so roadside stands were a bonus.

I like Mcd’s.  The french fries are yum. The Mcd’s in Irwin is also home to the Big Mac Museum. Now the Big Mac was not created there but elsewhere in western PA.  Before I moved closer to Pittsburgh proper, Dave and I stepped in.

Many folks have problems with fast food and on the whole I totally agree, there are so many unhealthy choices yet there are unhealthy choices in food everywhere. The key for me is to indulge but keep it simple. I like the fries, so I get a small. The breakfast choices are actually pretty good. Egg sandwiches are a fairly complete meal. I really like the egg white delights, although I add a packet of their hot picante salsa to my sandwich. This one time I wanted the pancake platter.

Scattered throughout the restaurant is memorabilia and if you like to feel nostalgic about such things it is pretty cool to visit. I do recommend a visit if you are on that side of town and grab a bite and check it all out.

secret recipe not included.

Yeah, I would feel bad if I did not feel the same way about Roy Rodger’s BBQ sauce.