Texas Baklava

I had once seen a movie that featured people of Greek descent. (Guess which movie it was.) It got me thinking about Greek food and a conversation I had a couple of years ago with a fellow pastry chef about phyllo dough. My colleague was of the opinion that phyllo is passé, an opinion that I do not share. Now, food trends come and go, but when a dish is truly delicious it endures. People come up with variations, but the basic components of a classic dish are still the same. Baklava is one of those dishes. The basic recipe has been around for centuries — layers of crisp buttery phyllo dough and honey-sweetened nuts. This is my Texas version. It satisfies my yen for sweet, a bit...

Tres Leches Cake: Mystery Solved

Another yummy blast from my past.  With something as delicious and easy-to-make as Tres Leches Cake, you’d think I would have long experience with it, but that’s not the case. As a dessert chef, the world of sweets is familiar territory, so my lack of knowledge about this cake added to the intrigue. I decided to explore the history of Tres Leches Cake — one of many Mexican dessert recipes that are commonplace to some, while foreign to others Tres Leches Cake History I first heard of this dessert from a baker who has been baking here in Austin for about fifty years. He didn’t really describe it, but just gave me a slice to try. I am always willing to try a new dessert, but milk cake?...