Mom’s Pasta Sauce

My Mom is probably one of the best chefs I’ve ever known.  She makes some mom staples: spaghetti and meatballs, beef stroganoff, peanut butter chicken, big breakfast, pirogi and stuffing are the dishes that I look forward to eating when I go home. Some of them even bring out my sisters and their families for dinner. I’ve decided I need to write down how she makes these items while she’s still willing and able to share the recipes with me.  Everyone is familiar with meatballs and red sauce, but there’s something about my Mom’s sauce, the flavor of her meatballs that just melt in your mouth. Never too spicy but with a flavor that dances on your tongue. They marry well with the sauce, which she sometimes enhances...

Showing Off My Collection

I have an addiction.  It can be pricy, it is heavy at times, and it can be totally gross too. I collect cookbooks. Very specific ones.  Older than I am.  Full of colorful pictures. With well-written recipes and information about their history. I have Vincent Prices’ cookbook just because he was AWESOME! I inherited a few of those pamphlet cookbooks, ones given out by grocery stores and food companies to promote their own products.  I love the kitschy art and the very traditional recipes, many of them are chock full of information. The first one to show off is The German and Viennese Cookbook by the Culinary Arts Institute. This is the front cover. (I just noticed I did not unfold the bottom properly.) The back cover is...