Planning a Wedding

October 25, 2012

Planning a wedding takes time.  You want to do it right so on the day of the event you can just hit auto-pilot and enjoy all that you have planned.

So far we have a tight control on the numbers, about 150. That so far is just the folks I think might come or it would be rude to not invite.  It can be a messed up part of any event where money is on a strict budget and you do not want to be rude to family.  I feel that you do need to consider how a person or family member has interacted with you in the last 10 years or so to help decide if they are really worth having at an event.  I have decided to not invite many of my cousins, due to travel distance and the fact my cousin Cat is due to get married the month before.  (I can’t wait to see all the family there).

So, with the invites pruned, it’s the venues I’m looking at now.  I have gone through The Knot and WeddingWire’s list of venues and have found maybe 5 so far, and I have put the place my sister had hers at 20 some odd years ago on it also.  So far, one is already booked.  Two others I have called and left messages, one I have emailed and the last one I called and actually got to talk to the Owner.  HA! I am not going to mention the names of these places until I have actually booked one.  No use jinxing me.

Along with the numbers, the venue you will need a date in mind.  You should  be fairly flexible.  October, from what those wedding sites have said is the second most popular month after September. I like October, it is cool.  I hate heat, and I can not imagine being in a hot dress in July or August…  November and December are just too busy.  Winter and spring are nice too… but not too late in the spring.

So back to the venues. I wanted one with a good caterer.  I can’t stand the menus I have seen in this area for wedding menus.  90% seem to be a pasta or potato dish of some sort with the meats being a chicken breast with some sauce, some sort of steak in sauce and a generic fish dish.  Salads, don’t get me started.  I have folks who have dietary restrictions, including me.  No nuts, no broccoli a couple of vegans, a pescaterian (person who eats no meat but fish) and some lactose intolerant folks.  I am not going to even mention the ones who hate spice… and by spice I mean black pepper and salt.  If a place has an open caterer option, yay! The ones on my list are either open or I like the caterers and have checked out their menus.  Dealing with booze and rentals will be a future subject, alas I need to get some sleep.