Divorce, Engaged and a Wedding

October 17, 2012

This last month has been hectic. After five years my divorce was finalized. I was engaged a few days later. And that following weekend we went to Dave’s brother’s wedding.

I will post about my own wedding plans later, this post is more about what I liked and disliked about the food experiences I had in Philly for this wedding.

First off, with my recent diagnosis of diabetes I am trying to avoid all bread, pasta, and potatoes (at least until I get my glucose numbers down).  At home I have been fairly successful. I’ve also found several restaurants with low-carb options, extra fruit, salads instead of the starch or double veg.  I have to admit, I love Italian, LOVE it.  Pasta, which gently carries a sauce… creamy risotto… ugh.  So what keeps happening? Not only did my own folks suggest Olive Garden for dinner, but when we went out with Dave’s folks, his mom suggested an Italian place near them. It’s like being at a party with an open bar and all you can have is the Donald Duck OJ. Thankfully the food options on the menu had at least one or two that did not include a starch at the OG. in the Philly area place, I had to specifically ask for a double veg and drop the starch.  Grrr. Why do so many places offer breads? Whatever happened to the pickles that you used to be able to get? The gherkins, pickled onions and relish trays of yore. They really perked up your palate.

One of the most awkward parts of the whole weekend was the rehearsal dinner. The restaurant was going thru a chef change, and the new one was in place. The requested menu and what was given were two different things. Dave’s mom did not want skate. She asked for anything else. Anything.  At 3 pm (dinner is at 6 pm) they were told that they would be having skate anyway, no other options. Now, someone dropped the ball here; chef, purchaser or catering person. Either word didn’t go around, nothing else local could be located to use instead or the chef is just an ass and had a TON of skate that they wanted to use. I tend to think they had the skate already. Seriously, spots are in season right now, and they would be perfect with the same sauce used on the skates. I was livid that a restaurant would do that, and NOT offer a discount…  Oh, they gave out some free passed appetizers (small and quickly made and easily forgotten) to try and appease the customer.  Brie and raspberry in puff triangle, some sort of cucumber cup with smoked salmon, a cracker topped with goat cheese and diced beet (like, straight from the can type).  Considering how much was spent, I felt the chef could have put out a bit more of an effort.

The salad we started with was a roasted root vegetable, tasty, but just OK.  The pasta course was the best part, pumpkin ravioli with a creamy sauce. Scrumptious!  The fish course was the skate.  This was the first time I’ve eaten skate, and it was overcooked to the point of being mushy (one of the other attendees said her skate was underdone).  The sauce was a dill broth, mine was entirely green and Dave’s was not at all.  The clams were rubbery and the smoked potato slices were masked by the dill broth.  The steak was cooked well, my piece and apparently Dave’s had a major part that was gristle/fat, they were about 4 ounces so 1 ounce was fat.  Dessert was a delish chocolate truffle cake mousse thingy with some nice accents like a brittle.  Service was fantastic. I still feel they should have offered a discount on the food or some sort of apology/gift card to Dave’s folks.

Next post will be on the nifty diner we found and the reception dinner.