Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding takes time.  You want to do it right so on the day of the event you can just hit auto-pilot and enjoy all that you have planned. So far we have a tight control on the numbers, about 150. That so far is just the folks I think might come or it would be rude to not invite.  It can be a messed up part of any event where money is on a strict budget and you do not want to be rude to family.  I feel that you do need to consider how a person or family member has interacted with you in the last 10 years or so to help decide if they are really worth having at an event.  I have decided...

Divorce, Engaged and a Wedding

This last month has been hectic. After five years my divorce was finalized. I was engaged a few days later. And that following weekend we went to Dave’s brother’s wedding. I will post about my own wedding plans later, this post is more about what I liked and disliked about the food experiences I had in Philly for this wedding. First off, with my recent diagnosis of diabetes I am trying to avoid all bread, pasta, and potatoes (at least until I get my glucose numbers down).  At home I have been fairly successful. I’ve also found several restaurants with low-carb options, extra fruit, salads instead of the starch or double veg.  I have to admit, I love Italian, LOVE it.  Pasta, which gently carries a sauce… creamy...