Meat & Potatoes

September 10, 2012

This year Dave and I discovered a new restaurant called Meat & Potatoes, a gastropub located in Pittsburgh’s theater district.  It’s small, kinda dark, and has a huge central bar, but it’s still comfy.

When you walk into the actual restaurant you immediately see the bar in front of you, a small private dining room to your left and, to your right, a curved wall of mirrors and small tables with chairs on one side and benches on the other. There’s additional seating on the other side of the bar and outside. The decor is subtle and the music is loud but not enough to cover the conversation of the table next to you. If you feel the need to eavesdrop.

So far we’ve dined there three times, twice for dinner and once for brunch.  Service all three times has been awesome.  Odd requests do not bother the waitrons or bartenders.  The bar even sells absinthe, though  I have yet to try it.  They have a Bloody Mary bar on Sundays and although I love Bloody Marys, I just haven’t been in the mood for them.

Oh, the drinks. Yum. What more can you say? I kinda forget what drink is which. The bartenders are damn good.


The appetizers were great. The mushroom risotto was creamy and divine.  The toast with jam and goat butter was sweet and salty and crunchy. The fried pickles were more addictive than I was prepared to believe. (I don’t like dill pickles, and yet these still made me feel happy if slightly unclean). The pate with toast, meh. Plain and simple MEH.  The flat bread pizza was really good. I enjoyed the confit duck with the greens, onions and goat cheese. A great combination.

The first time we went to M&P we had the steak for two. It’s a monster, for sure, but a complete and filling meal without being too much. It’s a simple grilled steak with sauteed mushrooms, roasted potato and a bone marrow butter for the sauce.

That’s the bone you see there with the nicely piped out bone marrow butter on it.  I gave the bone to my mom’s dog (five stars from him).

Eggs bene

The top one is a corned beef eggs benedict with a wonderful side of house-made pickles!!! The bottom was a lamb hash. Delish.

A good roast beef sandwich with a cheesy Jarlsberg spread.  I had the gnocchi with mushrooms and peas.

I really love this place.  The menu has a good mix of items, the specials compliment the menu without being out there or questionable. The service is excellent.

I would come up with a rating system if I felt I needed one. Frankly, if I didn’t like a place, or it was just average I wouldn’t even mention it (unless it was truly horrific).

There are times I wish the pictures tasted as good as the meal. Damn, that risotto kicked ass.