Odd Craft Project

September 8, 2012

A few years go I was married to this Texas Guy, let’s call him O.D.

Now O.D. is a great chef. His folks were into food, too โ€” his mom cooked, and his dad ate. She was insecure about her cooking, but it was great! I don’t think she could have run a restaurant more complicated than a pizza joint or fast food place, but she had skills.

Before they passed away, they gave O.D. their KitchenAid stand mixer. It had been rebuilt at least twice, and was barely squeaking by when O.D. and I split. He took the stand mixer. I miss that KitchenAid mixer, I loved the attachments. Even though I only ever used the sausage grinder.

Before we split, I did a crafty thing to that mixer that I knew O.D. would not mind. I painted it.

My Old Kitchen Aid Mixer

I used to do glass painting and knew that Michael’s arts and crafts stores sold paints to use on porcelain or enamel. It took about a day to paint and dry, and from what O.D. tells me it is still running and looks great. You can paint your old mixers too.

I still miss making my own sausage.