The Beginning

September 6, 2012

Lately I’ve been thinking of blogging about my experience being a chef, specifically, a female chef. I love my career, and though it hasn’t brought me fame and success, it has introduced me to some awesome folks, served me life-changing meals, and allowed me to travel.

I’ll be focusing on the three aspects of food that intrigue me the most: cooking, food in the media, and dining out. I think about these things on a daily basis.

When it comes to cooking, I can be strict about recipes and terminology. For instance, a Peach Melba is traditionally a base of vanilla ice cream topped with peaches and a raspberry puree. You could reinvent the Peach Melba in many ways: you could roast or grill the peaches, doctor the raspberry puree with spices and seasonics, etc. When I deviate from the standard recipe, I will explain how and why. There are specific reasons why you use certain ingredients for certain dishes, and why others should not even be considered. I’ll show you some tips and tricks on preparing dishes successfully and how to tweak recipes if needs be.

Books, movies and music are all parts of the culinary industry. I love to collect pre-1970s cookbooks and I plan to share my choicest finds with you. I’ll also talk about movies, old and new, focusing on the food in the movie and how the characters interact with it. Music is also a part of cooking. Old school chefs prefer a quiet kitchen where the loudest noises come from food preparation, but the current trend seems to be loud kitchens where the staff yells at each other. I’ve worked in both types of kitchens. For some chefs, music helps: by knowing how long a song is, you can time a recipe. For other chefs, it’s just a distraction.

Dining out is one of my favorite things. I love to see what foods are trending, and how they filter down from professional chefs to home cooks and amateurs. I love interacting with restaurant staff, both in the front and back of the house.  I’ll talk about how restaurants create specials, what you need to look out for when dining out, and compensation. You want something that’s not on the menu? It can be done! Just slip the cook a buck or two!

I don’t plan on posting on a set schedule, but you can be sure that any given day I’ll experience food in one of these three ways. I also like to take food pictures, and just got a video camera to try out too!

Suggestions and comments are always welcome.