Le Bernardin Part one

June 17, 2015

I finally made it to Le Bernardin and I was with two of my favorite people.
My awesome Hubby.
Dave & Dorothy

Andrea and I.Dorothy & Andrea

Starting from the, well start. You sit down among well placed and spaced tables. Well lighted, enough that I had no problem with the menu and our photos with no flash came out rather well. The tables are laid out with a setting per person in a rather modern design.
Those are not raised bumps but are the opposite.

We were greeted by the Sommelier and waitperson. We explained that Andrea is a vegetarian and they were obliging in tweaking the menu for her. Within a few minutes water was poured and then we were given Amuse Bouches, yummy tidbits that get your mouth a tingle with anticipation of what is to come. I will say it is due to Hubby that I love seafood as I do. My whole life I have tended to avoid it either living to far away from a water source or lack of familiarity. Considering my mothers’ New Englander seafood cooking skills and the fact that somehow I showed remarkable prowess when it came to dealing with seafood in my own culinary career plus the fact I love a great steak, I never spent much time exploring seafood.But since I met Dave I have been a willing taster to stuff he drools over and except for eel, I have been most pleased.

Vegetarian Amuse-BoucheThe One Andrea was served. It had the same soup, a roasted beet salad in the middle and a shaved fennel salad.

Amuse-Bouche From left to right; lobster with wasabi, lightly seared tuna with rice crispies and a carrot soup with a crisp that had dried wasabi on it too.

The Bread.
To know me is to know I was a baker for many years. I have been lucky enough to work at various establishments that allowed creativity when making bread and I just love bread. I was suitable impressed with the selection. I am sorry we did not manage to get a photo of he bread basket. I tried them all. The lovely light tomato brioche, the nutty buckwheat, a cranberry walnut, rosemary focaccia, poppy seed and my favorite was a toasted sesame with Thai basil. A most complex roll with a good crust and light crumb. Perfection.

The first round of deliciousness.

Andrea’s mesclun salad with a balsamic shallot salad.
Mesclun Salad

Dorothy’s Oysters.
OystersWhile very tasty, plump morsels of the sea. The chilled Beausoleil oysters; sea grape and pickled shallot “seaweed water” gelée was my least favorite dish of the evening. I think the oysters at Eleven here in Pittsburgh are the best with their mignonette sauce and habernero paste is sublime. But back to Le B’s oysters. I loved the texture of the sea grapes. Don’t get me wrong, these were delightful and evoked memories of ocean and the pleasant smells and tastes that are associated with it.

Dave’s Fluke.
This was delightful. The ponzu-chimichurrri sauce was both bright and earthy with hints of spice and my first taste of fluke. Amazing at the sweetness of the fluke was complimented and accentuated by the sauce, which they spooned out on top of the fluke in front of you.

To be continued…

NYC: The Preview

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On a trip I made to NO (New Orleans) with my now ex husband we stopped at what was the most expensive breakfast ever. I only recall images of rooms, many waitstaff, delicious smells and humidity. It was glorious. We made our way to the restaurant, be aware of parking signs. That is what cost us so much later. We were seated in a medium sized room on a two top table and I spied on the other tables to see what they were ordering. It all looked good. I knew of this place more from my ex-chef in the Grand Canyon, Esteban Colon. He Loved NO! He also copied some of these menu items to be on the menu there. The eggs Sardou being his favorite. I...

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Big Mac Museum, Irwin PA

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