Tako 7/2/2015

There was an event in Pittsburgh this past weekend, Picklesburgh.  A fun idea celebrating one of the best culinary treats to be a mainstay here. Pickles. It was the first time in about 4 years that Dave and I really walked around Dahntahn since my broken foot. It reminded me of all the fun events we used to go to back when we were dating. It was an awesome evening out. Walking around the CRUSH of folks on the bridge for Picklefest to meandering around heading towards the restaurant, Tako.

I snagged reservations for 9:30 pm, I am fond of eating early or late at new restaurants and try to avoid the normal meal time insanity. It was evil and humid with the promise of bad storms in the air which never came to fruition. My awesome photographer, Dave managed to get the feel of this place and I have not been this happy with a restaurant in ages. Whomever decorated it and hired the workers did a really great job. The vibe was exciting and alive. The staff helpful and friendly and knew about the food.

Night Hawks
The front, which boasts a taco bar with several tables outside. To stave off the hungry hoard.

When you walk in towards the host area the kitchen zoo is well lit to show case the clean, talented cooks and please don’t tap on the glass as it disturbs the chefs in their native habitat.

I am fond of eclectic and dynamic decor. I loved the metal wall with moveable plastic letters. It is located right next to the view of the kitchen and the host area. There was no Y, so I had to improvise.

I loved, loved the decor. It was vibrant, quirky if a little dark.

Oh the Tequila! I think the bar showcased the assorted Tequilas nicely.

WANT! But I need a house to showcase them.

On every table.

The obligatory shot of me with a drink, this time hard to see the green glasses of water. But the paper in front of me is the menu.

The the food started to arrive on the nifty wooden platters. We started with the Queso Fundido. Which was the best I have ever had. Thick, cheesy with chiorizo and cilantro on top.
Queso Fundido
Served with warm fresh made tortillas.
Queso Fundido

Roll-Your-Own Guac
Then we added the fresh made, super clean tasting guacamole with, and you can add lots of goodies for various upcharges, cotijo cheese and onion straws. Ok, crispy onion bits in guacamole is now my thing.

Mushroom Taco
Mushroom taco, it was filled with Maitake, truffles, huitlachoche salsa, garlic aioli some Oaxaca cheese and crispy brussel sprouts. As a whole this was delicious, but very muddied. It needed some bright note in it to make it pop, some acid like a lime or yuzo aioli instead of the garlic.

Korean Taco
dave ordered the Korean tacos. Wagyu short ribs, peanuts, fermented cucumber and pickled carrots. This hit the spot, sweet, salty, crunchy. I loved this and would go back for more.

Churro Funnel Cake
Dessert was their version of a funnel cake/churro. cinnamon sugar dusted with melty vanilla ice cream and some macerated strawberry sauce. I liked it, the dough was good and could have used cinnamon in the dough itself. Maybe making a Horchata/Rumchata ice cream would send this to the top of best desserts in town. Glad we split this, it is huge.

Please visit, bring an appetite and be prepared to wait for food a little bit as this place is jamming. Fresh, fun and delicious are my three descriptive words for tako!

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