Bob’s Diner

Saturday Dave and I had a bunch of errands to run. I wanted to try Bakn, unfortunately it is not open yet so we knew Bob’s was a block or so away and had not been there yet so we cruised the nifty little town of Carnegie.

Now I love a good diner, broken-in vinyl seats, friendly staff. The glorious smells of coffee and quasi burnt toast with bacon mixed in. We settled into our booth and The smells transported me back to growing up and when we moved we drove across country we also stopped in many a diner. It also smelled like the first job I had out of culinary school, a now closed large resort in the Pocono’s. Being the first in the kitchen, turning everything on, getting the bacon cooked, the water on for eggs (poached and boiled) cooking the potatoes and sausage. Sitting in that booth took me back.

We had coffee, crazy I know. I like the menu, simple breakfast stuff. They serve lunch and we are going to go back for lunch sometime for I saw they have chili cheese fries and sweet potato fries.. Dave wondered if they would do the chili cheese on them. For breakfast I had My Dad’s Favorite which consisted of two eggs any style (I got basted) with 1 piece of bacon, 1 sausage link, some home fries, toast and a pancake. I asked and was given a piece of their French toast instead.

The french toast was on another plate.It was Mancini’s bread, a local bakery used by many places here in Pittsburgh and is a local staple.

Dave had the corned beef with eggs. He chose poached, and he picked rye toast, I have to say, it tasted great.

The poached eggs were perfection and I must say my basted eggs were too. What are basted eggs you are thinking? Well, you start to make an over egg but do not flip. At the point you flip put a little water in the pan and cover it with a top to let it steam. I hate crispy bits on fried eggs they taste rubbery. Basted eggs do not unless the cook is new to egg cookery.
So in the end we will go back there or to the newer one closer to us for there are a few locations in town.

Smoke, Pittsburgh

Dave and I discovered Smoke about two weeks or so after it opened.  I am a huge fan of smoked meats and well, Dave would eat tacos for every meal if he could talk me into that.

 Smoke is now in a new location, go check it out. These photos are from when they were in Hometead.

My favorite taco is the Migas.

Breakfast tacos.

Egg and potato base, with (l (left to right) chorizo, pork and cheese, and breakfast sausage. So yummy.

As Dave would say, So damn delicious.

What I love is the depth of flavor Jeff, the chef. Infuses in his food. His mac and cheese, well I think I need to go get some soon, like this weekend. I have not been ther since they moved due to the stroke blah blah blah, but Oh man, Nelda and her Horchata, a cinnamon rice beverage and her Agua Frescas are divine.

Nelda and Jeff. One of the best imports to Pittsburgh in years!

Big Mac Museum, Irwin PA

I used to live in Irwin.  A small little town off of route 30 and the PA turnpike.  I liked living there for it was near my folks, lots of good grocery stores, shopping in general, the folks are nice and it was an easy hop on the turnpike or drive down rt 30 to get downtown for work.  There are also a bunch of farms in the area so roadside stands were a bonus.

I like Mcd’s.  The french fries are yum. The Mcd’s in Irwin is also home to the Big Mac Museum. Now the Big Mac was not created there but elsewhere in western PA.  Before I moved closer to Pittsburgh proper, Dave and I stepped in.

Many folks have problems with fast food and on the whole I totally agree, there are so many unhealthy choices yet there are unhealthy choices in food everywhere. The key for me is to indulge but keep it simple. I like the fries, so I get a small. The breakfast choices are actually pretty good. Egg sandwiches are a fairly complete meal. I really like the egg white delights, although I add a packet of their hot picante salsa to my sandwich. This one time I wanted the pancake platter.

Scattered throughout the restaurant is memorabilia and if you like to feel nostalgic about such things it is pretty cool to visit. I do recommend a visit if you are on that side of town and grab a bite and check it all out.

secret recipe not included.

Yeah, I would feel bad if I did not feel the same way about Roy Rodger’s BBQ sauce.

Meals from my Past: America Eats,

I was lucky enough to be able to visit my friend Johanna who was living in the Frederick MD area a few years ago when Jose Andreas  opened America Eats in the National Archives in McLean Virgina.  It was basically his take on dishes throughout the history of America.  From drinks to desserts.  There was a book that was published and it gave a bit of American food history and some, lets say, interesting recipes.

I heard about this via my mom. She saw an article in the paper and when she heard I was going to DC she told me about it. Reservations were made.

Located near the National archives then it has since been remade in Tyson’s corner.


Johanna and I at the front.

The Southern and New Yorker.

The food:
I started with a peanut soup.

Shrimp Remoulande with fried green tomatoes

Smoked oysters

Bison Tomahawk steak with mashed potatoes

the ‘ketchups’

Chesapeake crab cake with pickled watermelon

The fruit and cheese plate

Abalone with butter; pepper air

Vermont snow. This dessert was shaved ice served with maple syrup.

NY cheesecake redone



You may wonder why the abalone was in an odd place. The waitress was so very helpful and chatted with us. I was very upfront about my foodie nature and at the tail end of the meal apparently the chef had a miss fire and offered this dish to anyone that might like it, she snagged it for us.


The menu we had was different, soon to be scanned.

If you get a chance to get down there give it a try.

The menu we had.