Bazaar Meats, 6/16 Part 1

20160615_152003In the spot The Sahara used to be is the SLS Hotel and Casino.  We had driven to a spot diagnol from the hotel to a kitschy tourist spot that sells tee shirts and other stuff.  I had never gone in but wanted to get a tee for Dave and it seemed more appropriate to do so from there.  Looking across I saw the big beautiful picture of Jose Andreas.

Later that evening we drive up and parked with the valet (something I recommend you do in Vegas, I just tip a buck) the casino is nicely decorated and more modern, I liked this casino where the dealers all had monkeys on their backs, literally.  it was part of the design.  We arrive at the host stand and are shown to our table, which once I saw into the restaurant i requested a table near this..


Of course I wanted to be seated near the grill or as close as I could get to an unimpeded view.  The last shot included John-Paul and Pearl.  Such a gracious waiter, putting up with my antics.

20160617_183700Pearl showing how large the menu is and it is a metal frame with glass on both sides.  Beautiful, unique and heavy.  We of course started out with drinks and since I saw my favorite drink from Oyamel on this menu I had to have it.. Andrea ordered the LN2 Don’t Be A Lemon! which was served table side and is a blend of  Bacardi Superior rum, elderflower liqueur, lemon and grapefruit juice, tarragon, pomegranate, orange bitters and liquid nitrogen



We chatted a bit and discussed menu options for Andrea and I ordered something I was most curious about.

20160617_190241Cotton candy foie gras. I had thought it might be cotton candy made from foie gras, no, it was a bite size morsel under the gentle sugary pillow of the freshly spun candy. It made me laugh at how delicious it is, if you have ever had foie gras it can be a very dominant flavor that asserts itself over many other ingredients.  This very savory and gamey meat covered in this melt in your mouth layer of spun sugar was both neutralized and enhanced. It was delightful and a great way to tart the meal.

20160617_191830Bagel and Lox.  A thin crispy cone filled with a dill cream cheese and topped with Salmon roe.  I like this take on  the traditional dish.. I almost with they had made it a caper and red onion cream cheese with that sprig of dill on top.  A salty acidic twist to the roe which are lightly salty but more sweet than salty.


The gazpacho shot was an emulsified soup which is why it is creamier looking.  There is no cream, it just looks like it does, delightful and flavorful, it packs a nice punch.


I had the gazpacho shot and Andrea had grilled asparagus with a roasted tomato/red pepper sauce.  The grilled asparagus was delicious, cooked to perfection with that Romesco sauce which had a great depth of flavor, I could eat it all day.

20160617_19203720160617_192035Smoked oysters, applewood smoked.  It had a lovely apple mignonette, They were plump and juicy and if I had to choose I would pick the grilled oysters from America Eats.  Just a better flavor, the espuma of smoke was maybe too much.  If it had other flavors, they were well hidden by the smoke  which almost reminded me of the liquid smoke chefs use in the kitchen.

20160617_19483720160617_194923My entree was taking time so the chef sent out their version of the Philly cheese steak.  My favorite bite so far, if you go, get it. Oh no since Andrea is a vegetarian..I got both.  They sent out this for her.

20160617_191816A cup filled with avocado mousse and topped with heirloom tomato. Delightful.

We had an issue with my drink, the response was prompt and I was brought out another drink.  As a start of a meal, the cooks at the grill, the service and overall Ambience was great,  It was noisy but not enough to no hear your dinner partner across the table.  The end of the meal is in the next article.  Enjoy for now.

Random Vegas June 2016

20160618_171829I used to live in Las Vegas, but I left in October 2000 for the humidity of Austin, Texas.  For me this trip was about reconnecting with my past, being re-inspired, and shaking me out of the funk I’ve been in lately.

This was the first flight I’ve taken in ten years, and it wasn’t that bad. I flew out early and came back late. After getting my rental (Dollar Rental kicked ass, super friendly and helpful) I promptly left the rental facility and got lost. I was unconcerned due to the grid of Vegas, so I drove around and ended up at my first destination.

20160614_091239_HDR20160614_091417Yes, Jack, the fast food joint formerly known as Jack in the Box where I proceeded to have onion rings and one of the basic tacos.  I miss those cheap tacos,  I love them.  For all my love of the grander cuisine, tacos… *sigh* The onion rings are tasty there too.

Fortified with a nice iced tea, I meandered around and eventually figured out I went in the wrong direction, so I turned around and headed to my hotel. It was still way too early to check, so I met up with my friend Mitch, a very interesting and outspoken fellow.  We chilled and I watched him gamble until the front desk gal took pity on me and let me check in at 11:30.  If you are nice, front desk folks are awesome.

20160614_113541Very clean, VERY.  We were on the no smoking floor, but some folks were smoking down the hall. If you actively see that a person is smoking in a non smoking area tell the hotel staff immediately, don’t wait. I was lucky to get a room at the other end of casino.  Opposite side even. Noise level was minimal.  I did get turned around in the hotel part, but a very helpful guest room attendant walked with me to the corridor of my room, well out of her way. Thank you, Antoinette.

Andrea flew in later, we had room service for dinner. I forgot how cheap it is. BUT delicious.

Wednesday we explored.

20160615_14464920160615_15330720160617_12325820160615_13003620160617_123325_HDRThat Lion statue is 85 million tons of brass making it the largest/heaviest statue in the country.

20160615_130043 We found this…20160616_132302

I have been to Pinburgh in Pittsburgh, and the now defunct National Pinball Museum in D.C., and this was nice. They have tags on the machines indicating how rare they are.  20160616_13244420160616_13244020160616_13312220160616_13311420160616_13401820160616_134022This is one of only three ever made.20160616_133224

There is a pressed penny machine there, too. I really need to start taking pictures of those. This was the only place I broke a $20. I don’t gamble. I have, but it holds no attraction for me.

20160617_103726You knew this was going to happen.  Pearl has scolded me for years about not getting a picture of her at the Las Vegas sign. The parking lot is new, and makes it much easier and safer to visit the sign.  Bonus: Elvis to the left, singing even.

20160617_10354020160617_10380920160617_102841I am fairly happy with my phone camera, I did not want to bring the big camera.

20160616_030937_HDRI had tickets to see the filming of the American Ninja Warrior finals. Chaos. They film at night so it all looks great, bright. Between the smoke machines, windy conditions, the super-dusty Vegas atmosphere and with all the cheering, I think I dropped an octave in my voice the next day. We joked about what might be in those dust particulates..

20160616_01085420160616_010349The view from my seat. We had the warped wall view, Pearl was happy.

20160616_031123_HDR20160616_01165020160616_031134_HDR20160616_010511_HDRI yelled hello to Akbar, he replied and asked me if I hurt my foot on the warped wall. I replied I broke it on the floating steps. He exclaimed he broke his there too. Laughs all around.  The families near me looked at me like… “Wow, you know Akbar!” Fun times.  We had to sign releases and I am sitting with the #ninjachemist family.. a sea of blue shirts and me in black. We left about 3 am.

Friday we drove around, I wanted to see various parts of town I lived in and see off strip life,  I like doing that.  We went down Sunset heading towards Henderson and all the way back to Tropicana to Jones on the west side. We did find a Del Taco.  I like Del Taco, their hot sauces are so much better than Taco Bell’s. I had my favorite, the spicy jack quesadilla…20160617_120913I always order it well done, it’s worth the extra time.  I chatted with the cashier and other workers, thankfully my limited Spanish kicked in and we joked about nonsensical things. Andrea grabbed a bag of various hot sauces and along with tee shirts and other various goodies, I mailed them to Dave .  20160618_125844Leaving Town.

20160618_12585020160618_12583720160618_145548I enjoyed my flights. June 18th is Southwest Airlines’ birthday, and you get a free drink if you know about it. Always check airline information for little finds like that.

Chow, Las Vegas 6/16

Chow is the sister restaurant to East, which I talked about yesterday. The food is a blend of Southern American and Chinese cuisines, which is an odd but appealing combination.

20160615_191221I slacked off and took a picture of the host station from my seat. Behind that podium is a table holding chopsticks, flatware and menus, and dangling underneath was a Chinese dragon puppet. And floating above us…

20160615_19070020160615_190705I loved the decor and atmosphere.

20160615_19074420160615_200407The Chow sign was a little bit to my left.  The menu comes on a clipboard. Our lovely waitress let me keep mine. (The menu, that is. Clipboards cost money.)

20160615_19063920160615_192220I started off my meal with the riblets, garnished with scallion and a grilled lime. First off. Grilled lime is amazing. You barely squeeze the lime to and all the luscious juices come pouring out. I’ll have to try making them at home. The riblets are small baby back ribs, perfectly prepared and dressed in a succulent sweet and savory glaze. Think soy sauce mixed with hosin and 5 spice flavors. These were the best ribs I’ve had in years. Years.

20160615_19321520160615_19312720160615_194057For my entree I had Chow’s Chicken: Southern fried chicken topped with a sambal mixture. I swapped out mini corn muffins for the rice, and had Chinese broccoli for the vegetables.

20160615_193236Andrea ordered the salad with tofu, which was delicious except for the wasabi covered almonds. Waitrons, if we tell you we don’t like spicy food, wasabi definitely counts.

20160615_195634Real banana nilla puddin. I haven’t had this in years, not since I moved away from Texas. Creamy pudding with real banana flavor and banana slices in the middle with nilla wafers. If you’ve never had this, I feel sorry for you. It’s one of the great American desserts. Slightly sweet, fruity and crunchy. Simple and perfect.

I cant stop thinking about that chicken. It was the ideal of Southern fried chicken, lightly breaded and fried to perfection. It makes me think of my mother’s cooking it. Yeah, she’s from Rhode Island, but she loves to try new dishes. Luckily she’s blessed with a discerning palate and really knows how to cook. This is the first Southern fried chicken dish that’s been better than hers, and I know she’d love it too. (Though the sambal mix is probably a shade hotter than she’d like, she would try it.)

Across the street from Chow, llamas! We saw them out walking but missed the photo opportunity due to shock. I never even knew there were llamas in Vegas, let alone in the downtown area.

Chow closes at 8 pm, no reservations needed. Please go and awaken your taste buds.

Eat, Las Vegas 6/16

20160615_133230I’ve been a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain ever since i first laid my eyes on Kitchen Confidential. On one of the episodes of his CNN show he took a trip to Las Vegas, and when I took a trip there last week with my gal Andrea I used that episode as guide (Though I had to have some junk food at Jack in-the-Box and Del Taco) One of the places he stopped by was a restaurant called Eat.

When you walk in to Eat the first thing you’ll notice is how dark it seems. It’s actually well-lit, but not excessively so, which keeps it cool in the arid heat of Vegas. Then you get hit by the smells – fresh squeezed orange juice, sweet and acidic and a little pulpy, the savory undertones of onions, and other more heavenly savory smells.

The menu is simple. I started with the deviled eggs.20160615_133521The egg white is breaded and deep fried, and the yolk is the creamy heaven. The red sauce on top is sriracha and bacon. Andrea didn’t want any bacon on hers, so it was on the side for two of them, but when she saw the sriracha I enjoyed all four eggs and a ramekin of bacon bits. Win. Because these were great.


Andrea’s salad, lightly dressed and very nice. She also wanted house chips, which were tasty, with salt and pepper but just a light dusting of seasoning.


I ordered the roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese instead of blue cheese. (having had some great and bad blue cheeses I am super picky about eating blue cheese.) The ciabatta was more like a soft mini-hoagie roll, but overall it was pleasing. Large enough for two, we ended up giving half of the sandwich away to the gentleman who told us about parking in downtown Vegas,

20160615_134502Our waitron, also Andrea, was very obliging and posed with Pearl.


There is plenty of parking near the restaurant and it’s only a few blocks off of Las Vegas Boulevard downtown.  Plus, if you’ve got a handicapped placard or license you get 4 hours of free parking in Vegas. Nifty. This was an auspicious start to my vacation.  The quality of Eat led us to our dinner choice, their sister restaurant, Chow.

G & G Noodle Bar

On February 14 we went to a revamped restaurant – the former Grit and Grace, now “G&G Noodle Bar.” We had been there previously for a lovely brunch, and this dinner exceeded expectations.

They had a number of interesting drinks: cocktails,wines, beers, local cider, even a home brewed ginger soda. The flavor was intense but lovely.  I had the “So Wrong, it’s Right”  (Sauza blanco, creme de casis, Cynar, lime and dry cider).

They offered 5 different types of dum sum.  I picked the tuna which was presented in a rose design.  It was tasty and lovely to look at, though I think they should have concentrated on intensifying the flavors more. Other choices included a pork belly slider and kimchi.

20160214_190748The G&G roll was made with spicy tuna, kimchi and torched hamachi, dressed with a nice soy-based sauce.


Pork belly bun, Chinese mustard, pickled cucumber and fennel salad.  This dish was saved by the mustard and the pickles, and would have been bland without them. It was hot (but not crazy hot) and the pork belly was very flavorful.


Short ribs  on a cream cheese biscuit with a sesame hollandaise. I wish had been shredded, and the biscuit was too crumbly and soft. A firmer biscuit would have provided more structure for such a hefty cut.


A lump crab and ahi tuna poke, served with avocado, celery root, sesame and ponzu. This was easily my favorite appetizer. Well-balanced and delicious, though I think they used canned crab. Not that I minded. Yum!


For our entrees we ordered the Dandan noodles, which were amazing. Spicy ground pork, pickled mustard greens, sprouts, garlic, all topped by a soft poached egg. I could eat this all day.  I am not 100% that the noodles were traditional, but they were perfectly cooked and flavorful. The pickled greens added the same sort of bright flavor that a lime adds to pad thai.  The poached egg added an overall richness to the finish.


There were three choices for dessert. We tried the butternut squash cheesecake with a ginger cookie crumble, and the chocolate mousse with a toasted coconut caramel and a chocolate macaroon crumble. Both were amazing, full of complex flavors with out being too crazy. I’d have licked the plates if I thought I could get away with it…


This was my second dining experience here and I was very pleased with the service. If you have low light vision problems you might want to bring a flashlight. It wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear your companions.

To know me is to know my love of a good cocktail….

20160214_191507Whatever this was, it was sublime: fruity, but not too sweet, with just enough of the hard stuff to keep me smiling all evening. And it was served in a Tiki glass! That’s a win.

I Scream for Betsy’s, July 24, 2015

A few weeks ago I wanted two things for our date night. One was sushi the other was to walk down the street to Betsy’s for their yummy ice cream. It was a perfect summer evening with a bright blue sky and the heat of the day was dissipating into the cooler dusk.

Walking into Betsy’s just makes me think of a proper ice cream parlor and the smells of my youth. The happy times with my family getting a scoop or a sundae or splitting a banana split.IMG_0192.jpg
I liked the tables covered with chalkboard paint with chalk available to write on them.
The paint markers make it easy to see what flavor is what.

Aww nuts, and other assorted toppings.

I had the Blueberry cheesecake with chocolate chocolate chip sundae. Dave had the banana and the chocolate chocolate chip sundae. Yum! YUMMEH!!

Tako 7/2/2015

There was an event in Pittsburgh this past weekend, Picklesburgh.  A fun idea celebrating one of the best culinary treats to be a mainstay here. Pickles. It was the first time in about 4 years that Dave and I really walked around Dahntahn since my broken foot. It reminded me of all the fun events we used to go to back when we were dating. It was an awesome evening out. Walking around the CRUSH of folks on the bridge for Picklefest to meandering around heading towards the restaurant, Tako.

I snagged reservations for 9:30 pm, I am fond of eating early or late at new restaurants and try to avoid the normal meal time insanity. It was evil and humid with the promise of bad storms in the air which never came to fruition. My awesome photographer, Dave managed to get the feel of this place and I have not been this happy with a restaurant in ages. Whomever decorated it and hired the workers did a really great job. The vibe was exciting and alive. The staff helpful and friendly and knew about the food.

Night Hawks
The front, which boasts a taco bar with several tables outside. To stave off the hungry hoard.

When you walk in towards the host area the kitchen zoo is well lit to show case the clean, talented cooks and please don’t tap on the glass as it disturbs the chefs in their native habitat.

I am fond of eclectic and dynamic decor. I loved the metal wall with moveable plastic letters. It is located right next to the view of the kitchen and the host area. There was no Y, so I had to improvise.

I loved, loved the decor. It was vibrant, quirky if a little dark.

Oh the Tequila! I think the bar showcased the assorted Tequilas nicely.

WANT! But I need a house to showcase them.

On every table.

The obligatory shot of me with a drink, this time hard to see the green glasses of water. But the paper in front of me is the menu.

The the food started to arrive on the nifty wooden platters. We started with the Queso Fundido. Which was the best I have ever had. Thick, cheesy with chiorizo and cilantro on top.
Queso Fundido
Served with warm fresh made tortillas.
Queso Fundido

Roll-Your-Own Guac
Then we added the fresh made, super clean tasting guacamole with, and you can add lots of goodies for various upcharges, cotijo cheese and onion straws. Ok, crispy onion bits in guacamole is now my thing.

Mushroom Taco
Mushroom taco, it was filled with Maitake, truffles, huitlachoche salsa, garlic aioli some Oaxaca cheese and crispy brussel sprouts. As a whole this was delicious, but very muddied. It needed some bright note in it to make it pop, some acid like a lime or yuzo aioli instead of the garlic.

Korean Taco
dave ordered the Korean tacos. Wagyu short ribs, peanuts, fermented cucumber and pickled carrots. This hit the spot, sweet, salty, crunchy. I loved this and would go back for more.

Churro Funnel Cake
Dessert was their version of a funnel cake/churro. cinnamon sugar dusted with melty vanilla ice cream and some macerated strawberry sauce. I liked it, the dough was good and could have used cinnamon in the dough itself. Maybe making a Horchata/Rumchata ice cream would send this to the top of best desserts in town. Glad we split this, it is huge.

Please visit, bring an appetite and be prepared to wait for food a little bit as this place is jamming. Fresh, fun and delicious are my three descriptive words for tako!

Doce, Pittsburgh

IMG_0173This is a new place on Carson Street in Pittsburgh. It has been open a few weeks now and I am quite taken by it.  They are on Facebook too.  See here

The menu is nice, simple and scrumptious. The only taco I have not tried is the veggie one. I love LOVE the carnitas. the best I have had east of Texas.

IMG_0175The decor is nice. Good vibe.
IMG_0177It is also very small in there, a squeeze if you will.
IMG_0181The Chef, why do we always pose with our knives?  We went on the weekend and met another brother. So jealous of the bright chef coat he had on.
IMG_0174Not that it is needed but you have a choice of hot sauces, you can also ask for it extra hot and he will add some jalapenos to your taco.
IMG_0175More Day-core!
IMG_0182This was the chicken taco. I love the flavor and his tortillas remind me of my childhood in southern California and getting fresh made tortillas from the abuelitas. They have a cooler filled with soda and other beverages. They also give you a punch type card to fill out for if you buy x amount you get one.. Bar none this is my favorite taco place and it so competes with Smoke for my favorite tacos ever. The migas at Smoke is my ultimate love, but the carnitas with the shredded pork that is highly flavorful with the lovely succulent fat drippings in the meat.. Damn, I need to go there now where are my keys!?

Le Bernardin Part Deux

After the first round of appetizers, water was refreshed and the next set of plates were gracefully placed in front of us.

Sea Trout
Sea Trout
Ultra rare smoked sea trout; pickled red onion citrus-miso emulsion, there was also a potato chip on top. Sea trout is an American fish from shallow flats/brackish waters. It is not actually a trout but a member of the bream family. It has a light delicate flavor even though the color reminds one of salmon it is not oily. It was a delicious dish.

Peekytoe Crab

Warm Peekytoe Maryland lump crab; shaved heirloom cauliflower, mustard emulsion. This was my personal favorite dish of those that I ordered including my dessert. The crab was sweet and light in flavor. the cauliflower added a nice flavor but the mustard emulsion is what brought the dish together. the emulsion was highly flavorful with out hiding what it was served with. Acidic with a little sweet heat from the mustard. A most evolved dish.

Warm artichoke panaché; vegetable risotto, lemon emulsion with shaved black truffles.
I found this to be the most visually stunning of the dishes. It was lovely to taste as well. Sometimes artichokes can taste a bit earthy muddied. This was almost pure light artichoke the lemon ‘sauce’ really brightened this dish.


David’s Skate
Poached skate; braised daikon, charred scallion jam, lemon confit-kimchi broth. Skate, I have only had it once before and compared to this heavenly prepared skate the previous example was like shoe leather. The morsel I nibbled was flavorful and light. The broth was aromatic and a little spicy. I think this was the best entree of the evening hands down.

Andrea’s Pasta
Pasta and Asparagus
The dish presented to Andrea was house made pasta with asparagus and shaved truffle with a truffle butter sauce. It was rich, delicious and the flavor was amazing. Pasta was perfectly cooked. Andrea could not finish it and we asked for it to be wrapped up. They whisked it to the kitchen and Andrea was presented with this…
Claim check
She will be able to pick up the pasta in a nice container and baggie at the end of the meal so our table will not be cluttered.

Dorothy’s Lobster

Pan roasted lobster; baby leeks, sunchoke purée, red wine “sauce Américaine”. I do not often order lobster although I love it so. When it is prepared properly it is succulent and buttery. So many times it is rubbery and dry with no flavor. Not here. Each bite was scrumptious and full of flavor. The leeks were yummy and the green puree was light in flavor but added a nice touch to the depth of the dish in its entirety.The gave me a small plate to place my shells on and when they were all removed the plate was immediately whisked away. I could have licked that sauce off the plate. Ok, I almost did, Dave held me back. Good Dave.


Andrea’s Pavlova
Exotic Fruit Pavlova
Roasted Pineapple, Guava Jam, Yuzu-Coconut Sorbet. Pavlovas are a light summery dish. Their take had a meringue shell on the sides of one of the most intensely flavored sorbets I have ever had. Second only to a mandarin one I had at Le Bec Fin a few years ago. The sorbet coupled with the fruits and the nice crunch of he meringue was sublime. Both bright and sweet. It was a perfect spring/summer dessert!

Dorothy’s Strawberry
Elderflower-Scented Strawberries, Crème Fraîche Panna Cotta, Frozen Strawberry Snowflakes. the first bites were very intensly strawberry. Then I hit the panna cotta and it hit me, this was a cheese blintz with strawberries. A rich custard type of panna cotta, the Crème Fraîche really gives a nice tang to the dish that would otherwise be an overly sweet dessert. I loved the strawberry ‘snowflakes’ which reminded me of dipping dots texturally. The micro basil was a nice touch.

David Won

Dark Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Mousse, Dark Caramel, Candied Peanuts, Warm Malted Caramel. I wanted to order this but of the two Dave debated on, he chose this so I picked the snow. To me, this epitomizes the perfect chocolate dessert. creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty. It was probably the best chocolate dessert I have ever tasted. It was that good. Yeah, I am a sucker for malt too.

We had coffee, cappuccino and mint tea to finish out the meal. We also were given a small plate each.
From left to right; chocolate ginger truffle, pistachio macaroon, fruit gelee (think Habro orange fruit slices but exquisitely done) and a chocolate cherry cake. We devoured them and Andrea was quick to ask for one more for we forgot to photograph one.. they brought us each another. I asked for a copy of the menu for I collect them.
The dining room captain brought us each a copy in an envelope with a copy of the current Zagat’s guide of NYC.

Replete, the bill was paid and Andrea checked out the bathroom (no attendant but clean). A meal worth it and I am glad to finally hit a three star Michelin Guiderated restaurant. I have eaten at establishments of famous chefs. This and The French Laundry have been on the top of my list. Now, with it bagged off my list of things I would like to do for a culinary experience, I am happy. Happy to share a meal with My Dave and one of my dearest friends, that made the meal so much better.

Of course I made a face..
Dave & Dorothy

Le Bernardin Part one

I finally made it to Le Bernardin and I was with two of my favorite people.
My awesome Hubby.
Dave & Dorothy

Andrea and I.Dorothy & Andrea

Starting from the, well start. You sit down among well placed and spaced tables. Well lighted, enough that I had no problem with the menu and our photos with no flash came out rather well. The tables are laid out with a setting per person in a rather modern design.
Those are not raised bumps but are the opposite.

We were greeted by the Sommelier and waitperson. We explained that Andrea is a vegetarian and they were obliging in tweaking the menu for her. Within a few minutes water was poured and then we were given Amuse Bouches, yummy tidbits that get your mouth a tingle with anticipation of what is to come. I will say it is due to Hubby that I love seafood as I do. My whole life I have tended to avoid it either living to far away from a water source or lack of familiarity. Considering my mothers’ New Englander seafood cooking skills and the fact that somehow I showed remarkable prowess when it came to dealing with seafood in my own culinary career plus the fact I love a great steak, I never spent much time exploring seafood.But since I met Dave I have been a willing taster to stuff he drools over and except for eel, I have been most pleased.

Vegetarian Amuse-BoucheThe One Andrea was served. It had the same soup, a roasted beet salad in the middle and a shaved fennel salad.

Amuse-Bouche From left to right; lobster with wasabi, lightly seared tuna with rice crispies and a carrot soup with a crisp that had dried wasabi on it too.

The Bread.
To know me is to know I was a baker for many years. I have been lucky enough to work at various establishments that allowed creativity when making bread and I just love bread. I was suitable impressed with the selection. I am sorry we did not manage to get a photo of he bread basket. I tried them all. The lovely light tomato brioche, the nutty buckwheat, a cranberry walnut, rosemary focaccia, poppy seed and my favorite was a toasted sesame with Thai basil. A most complex roll with a good crust and light crumb. Perfection.

The first round of deliciousness.

Andrea’s mesclun salad with a balsamic shallot salad.
Mesclun Salad

Dorothy’s Oysters.
OystersWhile very tasty, plump morsels of the sea. The chilled Beausoleil oysters; sea grape and pickled shallot “seaweed water” gelée was my least favorite dish of the evening. I think the oysters at Eleven here in Pittsburgh are the best with their mignonette sauce and habernero paste is sublime. But back to Le B’s oysters. I loved the texture of the sea grapes. Don’t get me wrong, these were delightful and evoked memories of ocean and the pleasant smells and tastes that are associated with it.

Dave’s Fluke.
This was delightful. The ponzu-chimichurrri sauce was both bright and earthy with hints of spice and my first taste of fluke. Amazing at the sweetness of the fluke was complimented and accentuated by the sauce, which they spooned out on top of the fluke in front of you.

To be continued…